Terms of Service/Use

ShelbyMods Terms Of Service

► The reselling or Redistributing of any product provided or made by ShelbyMods is forbidden for any product. This includes selling front-end copies. If this term is violated, you will be removed from ShelbyMods and you may be prosecuted for your actions.

► Unlocking or Ripping or Leaking models / products is strictly forbidden. If you are caught you will be removed from Hyperz Development and our partners will be notified. You will no longer have the ability to obtain any work created by ShelbyMods.

► Claiming ownership to any of ShelbyMods work is forbidden.

► Breaking rules in the server and getting banned will lead to banishment from the website, this eliminates your chances of redownloading any products from your client area.

► Models & Products can be used for personal use, models & products cannot be shared. If you shall choose you can let us know where they will be used and we will document appropriately.

► ShelbyMods has the right, at any point in time, to revoke your rights to the product, with, or without a refund of your purchase dependable on the circumstances of the reason for the revokement of your product / service.

► Under the circumstances we merge / move into a different company, or we disband, all prior sales will go under the discretion of the employee that created said product.

► Under the circumstances that you break any of the Terms listed, we have a full right to remove your product(s) from our Client Area with 0 repercussions on our end.

► ShelbyMods is not responsible for any malicious action(s) taken after the purchase of any of the current, or past products created by ShelbyMods.

► ShelbyMods does not condone NOR ALLOW licenses to products / services to be used, given, handed, transferred, or ran by any of the blacklisted communities. Breaking this term will result in your products immediate removal from your account with no refund(s).

► Just to state this for the purpose of others, as we create the products, we may distribute them however we please. This includes releasing them for free at a later time if we wish.

► Upon purchase, you are ONLY receiving a back-end license to that product. You may, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, resell or redistribute any of the products sold by ShelbyMods.

► These Terms of Service may change over-time, upon purchasing or using a product / service, you agree to accept these changes regardless of what they state.

~ ShelbyMods Team